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    by kentaro suzuki on 2019年5月18日 at 11:44 AM

    [en] About "Elacosm" part1 & Today's tune  [fr] à propos de "Elacosm" partie1 & Morceau du jour [jp] Elacosmについて その1 & 本日の一曲 […]

My online label that called “KOKU” just started working!
On this page I present Spotify’s play lists but also available on Deezer and other streaming services.Please search by my name “Kentaro Suzuki” on these websites.
Also available on Bandcamp for having better quality download and without advertisement.

I hope you enjoy my works.
↓The links to my Bandcamp below.↓

Elacosm “Travellers”

For “The First Night” by Sōseki NATSUME